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21 June 2018
The KM6 family is the ideal subrack for any application
The versatile KM6 subrack family

10 May 2018
Verotec supply customised IMRAK door assemblies to keep nuclear power station operational

16 April 2018
Verotec and mass spectrometry is a great match

15 February 2018
Verotec’s IMRAKs are the cabinet of choice for Arqiva

08 January 2018
Verotec helps keep the global network infrastructure expanding
Spellman PFE

27 November 2017
VMEbus is alive and well

31 October 2017
Verotec supports McLaren Applied Technologies’ drive into other industries

McLaren custom enclosures

14 September 2017
Verotec provides the critical infrastructure for the DLS Xspress4 development project
Xspress4 development system

31 July 2017
Verotec invests a further £200k to support international sales growth
£200k investment

29 June 2017
Verotec chosen by Lockheed Martin for its Multi Scout SV project
Scout SV

30 May 2017
Verotec helps JCB keep digging

24 April 2017
Extended range of subrack front panels and modules
KM6 panels and modules

28 March 2017
Verotec helps Abbey Road Studios to continue to expand and innovate
Abbey Road

20 February 2017
Verotec supplies another suite of custom IMRAKS to the iconic BT Tower
IMRAK suite for the BT Tower

11 January 2017
Versatile heavy duty EMC RackCase PRO
Rackcase PRO

21 November 2016
IMRAK 1400 is the BBC’s broadcast cabinet of choice
IMRAK 1400 at the BBC

18 October 2016
Si Elegans, the base for a potential major step forward in computational architecture
KM6 for si elegans

21 September 2016
Verotec acquires IMRAK 1400 in £250k+ investment in stock and facilities
IMRAK 1400

11 July 2016
Verotec moves its facility again as business continues to expand
New facility
31 May 2016
Verotec’s application-specific aerospace VMEbus chassis
UTC Aerospace VME chassis

14 March 2016
Keeping cool offshore in the Middle East
Offshore fan tray

17 February 2016
VME64x custom 6U extender card for military application
Military extenders

20 January 2016
Verotec enhances its digital printing capability
Digital printing

05 January 2016
Verotec’s re-engineered fan trays chill costs
Cost reduced fan tray redesign

25 November 2015
Advanced manufacturing capability from Verotec
Avionics test rig

15 October 2015
VPX user-definable power and ground development system for Open VPX military applications
VPX power and ground system

25 August 2015
Verotec contributes to THAAD systems
THAAD system

16 July 2015
Verotec’s really cool modified intelligent fan tray
Verotec’s really cool modified intelligent fan tray

23 June 2015
Verotec’s VMEbus systems for marine application sail through 25g shock test
Ruggedised marine system

29 April 2015
Verotec is a great supporting act for live performances
Stage power and audio distribution

25 February 2015
Major international contract win by Verotec for modified products
Custom panels

15 January 2015
Custom Veroshield 19-inch rack case helps the BBC improve codec
Modified Veroshield

17 November 2014
Verotec custom enclosures help keep the London Underground running
Verotec custom enclosures help keep the London Underground running

15 October 2014
Verotec helps improve aviation safety and wind farm efficiency
Custom rackcase

23 September 2014
Custom 19-inch fan tray for demanding military application

Custom rugged fan tray

24 July 2014
Verotec’s major investment in CAM extends modification capability and speeds production

24 June 2014
New slimline 650W cPCI pluggable PSU
650 W cPCI PSU

04 June 2014
Verotec’s heavy duty KM6-HD subrack independently tested to MIL-STD-167

28 April 2014
Verotec invests heavily in IMRAK 1400, the most versatile floor standing enclosure on the market
IMRAK 1400

10 February 2014
Custom cPCI backplane capability takes off
Custom cPCI backplane

09 December 2013
Verotec publishes its 300+ page 2014 handbook
2014 catalogue

23 October 2013
Cost effective VERAK floor-standing enclosure gives high EMC attenuation and IP65 environmental sealing


27 August 2013
Eurocard-based KM6 subrack systems

Eurocard-based KM6 subrack systems

25 July 2013
Verotec strengthens design team to support its enhanced TecServ+ service

24 June 2013
Highly configurable Eurocard rackcases save U height
Eurocard rackcase

20 May 2013
Autoranging input VeroPower switched mode PSUs are extremely versatile

23 April 2013
KM6-HD heavy-duty subracks are optimised for major bus structures

06 March 2013
The updated Verotec instrument case is better than ever
Updated Verotec instrument case

10 January 2013
VERAK IP and VERAK EMC enclosures for installation in hostile environments

26 November 2012
Extended range of subrack front panel sizes and types
KM6 panels

24 September 2012
Versatile LBX and TAC desktop cases
LBX and TAC desktop cases

28 August 2012
Slimline high power density 3U 4HP pluggable PSUs
3U 4HP 20 - 50W PSU

26 July 2012
Commsrak wall mount and Labrak360 floor-standing open frame 19-inch racks
Commsrak and Labrak360

25 June 2012
Updated intelligent and standard 19 inch 1U slimline fan trays
Fan trays

29 May 2012
1, 2 and 3U cPCI and VME64x 19" rack mounting chassis
H systems

25 April 2012
Wall mounted space-saving slimline 2.5U 19" enclosure
Slimline wall cabinet

22 February 2012
Eleven new integrated development systems
Integrated systems

18 January 2012
Versatile KM6 subrack family for all applications
KM6 subracks

29 November 2011
Entry level VPX development system
TecSYS development system

10 October 2011
Pluggable PSUs optimised for cPCI systems

12 September 2011
Verotec opens French facility as international expansion gathers pace

16 August 2011
Standard, enhanced, modified and custom subrack plug-in units

20 June 2011
Verotec doubles production space as export-driven growth surges
New building

16 May 2011
IEEE1101.10/11 injector/ejector KM6-RF front panel assemblies
1101.10 panels

11 April 2011
EMC screened 19" rack cases
Veroshield EMC rack cases

14 March 2011
Diplomat 19" desktop and caseframe enclosures

27 January 2011
Heavy duty 19" subrack for high shock and vibration applications

20 October 2010
2U cPCI and VME64x rack mount or desktop integrated chassis
2U cPCI VME64x chassis

20 September 2010
VeroPower 19" subrack pluggable power supplies

18 August 2010
Open architecture backplanes, extenders and custom designs

03 June 2010
Standard and custom capability for faceplates and front panels
Front panels

17 March 2010
Versatile Eurotec caseframe
Eurotec caseframe

04 February 2010
Verotec's new three hundred page handbook is now available
2010 Catalogue

19 January 2010
Configurable modular integrated systems for cPCI, PXI, VMEbus, VME64X and VPX applications
Bus systems

13 October 2009
Elegant desktop enclosures in 10.5" and 19" widths
Verotec cases

14 September 2009
Standard, filtered, intelligent and monitored 19" 1U fan trays
1U fan trays

11 August 2009
The KM6 subrack family is suitable for all applications
KM6 subracks

22 June 2009
Extended range of 19" modular general purpose and EMC rack cases
19" rack cases

27 April 2009
1U cPCI/VME64x 19" low cost chassis
1U cPCI/VME64x chassis

24 February 2009
Versatile and stylish desktop enclosure for standard Eurocards

14 November 2008
Versatile KM6 caseframe revitalised and updated
KM6 caseframe

11 July 2008
1U 19" standard, filtered and intelligent fan trays
Fan trays

02 April 2008
Diplomat 19" desktop and caseframe enclosures

12 February 2008
Verotec strengthens direct sales route and technical support
web shop

13 June 2007
Verotec acquires the desktop enclosures business from APW in administration
Tim Armstrong & Mel Young