VERO Electronics Germany has ceased to trade. For continuing supplies of plastic enclosures, visit Vero Technologies, who have bought the rights to the plastic enclosures, Verotec, who have bought the desktop and small metal enclosures families or HDD Technologies, who have bought the KM6 subrack system from the administrators.

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VERO Electronics. A division of APW
Electron Way
Chandlers Ford
SO53 4ZR
United Kingdom
+ 44 23 8026 6300

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29 November 2005
Veronex customisation services
Veronex customisation
28 September 2005
VMS VME user-configurable Microrack System for development, commercial or COTS applications
VMS chassis
06 September 2005
2U 4 Slot cPSB Zephyr chassis with choice of backplane styles
2U cPSB Zephyr chassis
22 July 2005
1U 2 slot and 2U 4 slot VME64x Zephyr chassis
Zephyr VME64x
29 June 2005
Fully featured and assembled ATCA thermal management and blank panels
ATCA thermal panels
10 December 2004
Six 9s High Availability Fault Tolerant Ventus ATCA Shelf chassis
19 November 2004
Affordable CPCI and VME64x VENTUS entry-level chassis offers 80W/slot cooling
11 June 2004
Zephyr CompactPCI 1U and 2U chassis offer storm force performance
15 August 2003
PXI backplane capability extended
PXI designs
4 April 2003
APW appoints Surtech Distribution Ltd
21 February 2003
Extended range of updated 64 bit CompactPCI/PSB 2.16 compliant backplanes
Updated CompactPCI/PSB backplanes
15 November 2002
APW Electronics Solutions first to market with "fully meshed" ATCA 3.0 backplane
11 October 2002
APW successfully introduces environmentally friendly FR4 at Hedge End
6 September 2002
Patented current Doppler and integrated magnetics design of high performance CompactPCI PSU
19 July 2002
Reduced width CompactPCI backplanes
Reduced width CPCI
12 October 2001
400 Watt plug-in PSUs optimised for CompactPCI applications
400 Watt CompactPCI PSU
6 September 2001
CompactPCI/PSB backplane conforms to PICMG 2.16 Rev 1.0
CompactPCI/PSB to PICMG 2.16 Rev 1.0
14 June 2001
DIN M power slot 33 and 66MHz Hot Swap CompactPCI backplane family
Single DIN M CompactPCI
26 April 2001
Dual DIN M Power slot 33 and 66MHz Hot Swap CompactPCI backplane family
Dual Din M CompactPCI backplanes
15 January 2001
CompactPCI EtherPlane Backplane launched at Bus&Board, San Diego
CompactPCI EtherPlane
10 August 2000
16 slot CT/H110 CompactPCI backplane
CompactPCI 16 Slot