System Sensor Europe

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System Sensor Europe
c/o KAC House
Thornhill Road
North Moons Moat
B98 9ND
Tel: + 44 1527 406700

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06 May 2014
New FAAST Aspiration Detection Technologies on Show at Firex
FAAST at Firex 2014

05 March 2014
FAAST Installed at KAC for Factory Protection and CPD webinars

FAAST demo facility at KAC, Tim Checketts

02 September 2013
Another new appointment at System Sensor as business growth continues

Peter Mita

01 August 2013
Honeywell Launches CPD Approved Aspiration Smoke Detection Presentation

No image supplied with this release

10 July 2013
FAAST Very Early Warning Aspiration detector is now Modbus enabled
FAAST Modbus enabled

22 April 2013
APAC Launch for FAAST LT Aspiration Technology

02 April 2013
FAAST aspiration technology on show at Firex 2013
FAAST at Firex 13

18 March 2013
New Appointment Signals Further Growth in System Sensor Aspiration Business
Tim Checketts

04 March 2013
New Leader for Honeywell Systems and Sensing & Devices in EMEAI
David Wilson

09 January 2013
System Sensor appoints David Howard to support rapid growth in aspiration fire detection
David Howard

03 October 2012
New range of advanced aspiration detectors: FAAST LT

20 June 2012
System Sensor launches unique IP-enabled aspiration detectors
FAAST aspiration

06 June 2012
System Sensor keynote speaker sets out the technology fire detection roadmap at Indian Seminar
Stuart Ball, System Sensor Europe

09 February 2012
Advanced Protocol beam detector improves performance and reduces lifetime cost of ownership
Beam with Advanced Protocol

22 August 2011
MED approval for conventional fire detectors
MED approval

15 November 2010
Hi res images and copy for January 2011 article for Professional Electrician. 3.3MB ZIP file.

14 July 2010
InnovairFlex addressable and conventional duct detectors

20 April 2010
Updated conventional interface module for addressable fire systems

27 August 2009
Series 200 Advanced print res images ZIP file 2.7MB

27 August 2009
Series 200 Advanced print res images ZIP file 2.7MB

26 August 2009
Series 200 Advanced digital addressable fire detectors
Series 200 Advanced

10 September 2008
Addressable fire system 4 - 20mA single input module
4 - 20mA module

28 January 2008
Another brigade require human confirmation of automatic fire system alarms: COPTIR will help

09 August 2007
An environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative to ionisation detectors

14 February 2007
Fire Prevention March 07 article and images (8.7Mb Zip file)

Fire Prevention March 07 article and images (8.7Mb Zip file)

29 January 2007
Fire Safety Engineering Feb 07.pdf

Fire Safety Engineering February 07 article and images(7.6Mb Zip file)

11 January 2007
Radio capability extends fire systems

12 September 2006
COPTIR: the world's most advanced fire detector

09 August 2006
The best of both worlds: a hybrid aspiration system

28 July 2006
FSE COPTIR article and images Zip file

28 July 2006
FSE COPTIR article and images Zip file

23 June 2005
Conventional interface module for addressable fire systems

11 March 2005
Remote management makes conventional thermal detector installer-friendly

11 February 2005
Addressable beam detector does away with access towers for testing

28 January 2005
Right click here and then "save target as..." for a PDF of the Wired In article January 2005

Right click here and then "save target as..." for a Zip file of the high resolution images from the Wired In article

14 January 2005
Free guide to designing and installing addressable fire systems to meet BS5839 part 1: 2002

14 January 2005
Click here to download a PDF of the Intelligent Guide

10 January 2005
Click here for a PDF of the beam article for Fire Prevention magazine

10 December 2004
Base options extend intelligent detectors' reach

12 November 2004 Click here for a PDF of the 12 page beam application guide

12 November 2004 Click here for a PDF of the 32 page intelligent systems guide

12 November 2004
System Sensor application guide for the use of beam smoke detectors

27 September 2004
New arrival in the Vision conventional detector family

02 July 2004
Keep your feet firmly on the ground

21 May 2004
Everything you need to know about designing and installing conventional fire systems - free
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05 December 2003
Advanced new four-wire conventional beam detector with unique patented Asuretest full test capability
{short description of image}

20 June 2003
Module family for intelligent fire systems extended

30 May 2003
Series 200 plus Pinnacle laser optical smoke detector - a better alternative to an aspiration system

14 March 2003
Mains switching output modules for fire systems
M201-240 modules

28 February 2003
David Wilson appointed as Managing Director of System Sensor Europe
David Wilson

10 January 2003
Multiple I/O modules for fire system control
Multiple I/O modules for fire system control

17 December 2002
Series 300 conventional detector family wins prestigious French Innovation Award
Series 300 Chubb Award

22 November 2002
Series 300 conventional relay bases for fire and security systems
Series 300 relay bases

20 September 2002
Series 300 conventional multi-criteria detector
Series 300 photothermal detector

9 August 2002
Relay bases enable security interface for smoke detectors
ECO1000 relay bases

5 July 2002
Unique detector address display for conventional fire system
Series 300 ZDU

30 November 2001
System Sensor opens Indian manufacturing facility
System Sensor India

16 November 2001
ECO1000 conventional smoke detector family combines advanced features with low prices

22 October 2001
Unique features enable Series 300 smoke detectors to act conventionally, think intelligently
Series 300

19 October 2001
System Sensor Europe marketing executive appointment - John Hadley
John Hadley

9 August 2001
EN54 (2000) Approved multi-criteria analogue addressable photo-thermal fire detector with 'Auto-Learn' capability
2251 Photo thermal

29 June 2001
DIN Rail mounting kit for addressable modules
DIN rail modules

21 March 2001
System Sensor Moscow gains VNIIPO Approval
System Sensor Fire Detectors Moscow

10 January 2001
Intelligent and conventional optical beam detectors
6200 beam detector

16 November 2000
Intrinsically Safe intelligent optical smoke detector
IS optical detector

25 October 2000
Improved low profile intelligent thermal detectors

19 September 2000
Enhanced intelligent optical detector
Series 200 Plus optical

6 September 2000
Derek Worsley joins System Sensor Europe
Derek Worsley

13 July 2000
Official opening of System Sensor Fire Detectors, Moscow
Russian opening