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19 June 2018
Micro-STX SBC has high density graphics capability

14 March 2018
Printing on the go
Mobile printers

11 December 2017
5.25” SBC with Intel's 7th Generation Kaby Lake or Xeon CPUs
LS-579 Kaby Lake

11 October 2017
BVM’s new LS-37K 3.5” SBC based on 6th generation Skylake and 7th generation Kaby Lake


23 August 2017
BVM introduces the new Seiko Edito kiosk printer family
Edito printer

25 July 2017
BVM adds Mini-PCIe video capture modules to the portfolio
Mini-PCIe video capture

06 June 2017
BVM adds thermal printing to its system capability
BVM to distribute Seiko thermal printers

27 April 2017
BVM adds three new SBCs to the range
Jetway SBC

07 March 2017
High performance slimline Embedded BOX PC

28 February 2017
BVM creates new Business Development Manager position as growth ramps up
Dave Ripley

09 January 2017
Highly specified I/O rich KINO-AQ170 SBC supports 6th Generation Intel processors
Highly specified I/O rich KINO-AQ170 SBC supports 6th Generation Intel processors

02 November 2016
SBC based on 6th Generation Intel® Skylake H Series processor

19 October 2016
LP-176 Pico-ITX SBC offers high end graphics capability and frugal power requirements

06 September 2016
BVM invests in additional design, system integration and manufacturing resources
System design
PCB design

17 August 2016
Three new embedded SBCs based on the latest 6th generation Skylake-U i7/i5/i3 processors
Skylake U based SBCs

26 July 2016
Graphics-rich ultra-slim Mini-ITX SoC for use in restricted spaces

28 June 2016
Widescreen 15.6” AFL3 PanelPC family offers Core i7/i5/i3 processing power
AFL3-W15B-H81 industrial PanelPC

29 March 2016
The new LV67-S embedded system board from BVM based on the Intel 6th Generation Skylake processor

23 February 2016
New marine systems with iRIS remote monitoring and control
New marine systems with iRIS remote monitoring and control

25 November 2015
The iRIS remote management capability from BVM dramatically slashes remote system costs
iRIS remote management

06 October 2015
BVM leads the field with the ultra-low power Braswell SoC AsRock IMB-154 and IMB-155
IMB-154 and IMB-155

15 July 2015
IP66 stainless steel fanless 15, 19 and 21.5 inch PanelPC family
IP66 stainless steel fanless 15, 19 and 21.5 inch PanelPC family

10 June 2015
Low-power Celeron Baytrail Industrial Grade Mini-ITX motherboard

06 May 2015
BVM moves to larger premises as strong business growth continues
BVM Swanmore

05 March 2015
BVM Limited appoints new Field Sales Engineer Lina Li
Lina Li

09 February 2015
Qseven module with Baytrail CPU
BT700 CoM

15 December 2014
The ultra-slim, fanless high performance UTX-110 SBC is optimised for IoT

29 October 2014
AFOLUX GEN III PanelPC packs high performance into a tablet-sized unit

17 September 2014
IMB-186 ultra-slim Mini-ITX motherboard supports 4th generation Haswell Core i7 processor

29 July 2104
Nine new SBCs announced: choice of three processors in three different motherboard sizes
Baytrail Mobile SBCs

24 June 2014
Fanless low power embedded box PC based on Intel Baytrail SoC

21 May 2014
Haswell CPU with H81 chipset provide a cost effective industrial Mini-ITX Solution

10 April 2014
Baytrail mini-ITX embedded motherboards combine ultra-low power and high performance
IMB-150 and 151 Battrail Mini-ITX

20 February 2014
Mini-ITX desktop motherboard provides great performance at an affordable cost

16 January 2014
21.5-inch fanless PanelPC optimised for medical use
WMP-227V PanelPC

04 December 2013
New Mini-ITX Haswell 4th generation embedded system board

24 October 2013
1U ruggedised rack mount server optimised for in-vehicle applications
1U ruggedised rack mount server optimised for in-vehicle applications

30 September 2013
3rd Generation Afolux PanelPC is ready to run with Windows 7 Embedded pre-loaded

15 August 2013
Small but fully featured fanless PC is ready-to-run out of the box

10 July 2013
Mini-ITX SBC supports the latest Haswell 4th Generation i7/i5/i3 processors

05 June 2013
Low power fanless Pico-ITX Intel Atom SBC punches above its size

29 April 2013
IMB-171 low cost Mini-ITX SBC for high volume embedded applications

25 March 2013
Ultra low power Celeron Mini-ITX motherboard

05 March 2013
PCIe Mini-Card CANbus interface
MPX-2515 USB-CANbus

22 January 2013
Powerful Mini-ITX SBC supports 3rd and 2nd generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3

09 January 2013
Cost -effective IMB-A160 Mini-ITX SBC has choice of three AMD CPUs and Graphics controllers

30 November 2012
LS-37B 3rd and 2nd generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3 3.5 inch SBC

31 October 2012
3rd and 2nd generation mobile Core i7/i5/i3 Mini-ITX SBC

27 September 2012
The AFOLUX GEN 2 flat bezel high performance PanelPC family is extremely versatile

20 August 2012
3.5 inch embedded SBC supports a range of low-power single and dual core Celeron processors

24 July 2012
Low power fanless Mini-ITX motherboard with outstanding performance
LV-67I Mini-ITX

10 July 2012
Second-generation i7/i5/i3 Sandy Bridge CPU on a Micro ATX motherboard

23 May 2012
Fanless 3.5" SBC with Intel Atom Cedar Trail increases performance and reduces power

24 April 2012
Mini PCIe card enables Bluetooth and WiFi coexistence

27 March 2012
The miniature AMD-based embedded motherboard that punches well above its weight

21 February 2012
Low cost isolation and converter modules for Industrial PCs
AD modules

09 January 2012
Highly specified fanless embedded system for mobile and desktop applications

06 December 2011
High performance, low power, feature-rich 5.25 inch SBC

08 November 2011
IP65 sealed feature-rich fanless PanelPC for use in harsh environments
UPC-V312 PanelPC

12 October 2011
Hand held terminals optimised for retail and industrial applications
Modat terminals

06 September 2011
High performance Mini-ITX SBC supports Second Generation Sandy Bridge processors

08 August 2011
AMD or Intel-based 15.6 inch Panel PC
Afolux Genii

04 July 2011
Mini-ITX with QM67 chipset supports 2nd generation Core i7/i5/i3 Mobile CPUs

09 June 2011
Highly specified and versatile 10.4" medical tablet PC
ICEFire medical tablet PC

10 May 2011
High performance industrial grade Core i7/i5/i3 Mobile Micro ATX motherboard

05 April 2011
In-vehicle Panel PC with 3.5G Comms and GPS

14 March 2011
Powerful computing to go

27 January 2011
Micro ATX board designed for Intel Core i7/i5/i3 64-bit processors
MS-C72 Micro ATX SBC

13 January 2011
3.5" SBC supports the new Intel mobile Core i7/i5/i3 processors
LS-377 3.5" SBC

22 November 2010
Small form factor Pico-ITX motherboard is big on performance

26 October 2010
Mini-ITX motherboard supports the new Intel mobile Core i7/i5/i3

21 September 2010
Versatile PMC cards are an effective solution to system expansion
PMC modules

28 July 2010
3.5 inch Miniboard SBC with power-efficient N450/D410 and D510 Atom processors

12 July 2010
Mini-ITX motherboard supports Intel i7/i5/i3 64-bit multicore processors

21 June 2010
BVM comes of age and appoints new General Manager
l-r: Rod Clarke, Robert Wainwright, David Smith

24 May 2010
Fully featured SBC supports Intel Atom processors in a tiny Pico-ITX form factor board
LP-170 Pico-ITX embedded

19 April 2010
Fanless Core 2 Duo embedded system with innovative thermal design

16 March 2010
Core2 Duo fanless embedded system with PCI slot

23 February 2010
Fanless PanelPC has PCT Flat Bezel
AFL-F09A PanelPC

03 February 2010
PCI Express mini card has dual eSATA ports

04 January 2010
Quad Ethernet system has Atom CPU

27 November 2009
Fanless IP65 touch screen PanelPCs

26 October 2009
Low Power Atom Embedded Miniboard

30 September 2009
Four channel Mini-PCI video and audio capture card

24 August 2009
LE-575 5.25" fanless embedded Atom SBC
LE-575 fanless SBC
20 July 2009
Quad Core Industrial Motherboard has PCI, PCIe and ISA Slots

29 June 2009
Mini PCI Express Colour Frame Grabber card

29 May 2009
Rugged system based on Intel Atom N270

24 April 2009
1.6GHz Intel Atom 12.1" fanless PanelPC is IP67 sealed and sunlight readable
IP67 PanelPC

06 March 2009
Half-size SBC packs a full size punch

13 February 2009
LV-67D mini-ITX motherboard based on Atom N270

05 January 2009
5.25" Miniboard with Intel Socket P for Core 2 Duo processors

04 December 2008
17" fanless Panel PC

07 November 2008
LV-67B mini-ITX motherboard for embedded applications

19 September 2008
Fanless embedded MicroPC with dual LAN

26 August 2008
5.25" motherboard supports Core 2 Quad processors and dual independent displays

08 August 2008
Mini-PCI and PCI video capture card family for PC-based security and surveillance use

07 July 2008
Embedded Mini-ITX motherboard optimised for advanced digital media applications

18 June 2008
High performance, low power embedded SBCs
LV679 and LS372

06 May 2008
Embedded SBC with dual graphics capability and Core 2 Duo processor support
LS-571 SBC

31 March 2008
High performance fanless Panel PC family with Intel CPU

27 February 2008
Low cost palm size PC packs a big punch

08 February 2008
High specification embedded long life MicroATX industrial motherboard
PMSA motherboard

24 January 2008
Fanless System with Core Duo processor

22 November 2007
High performance Q35 ATX motherboard supports Core 2 Dual and Quad processors
MX Q35 motherboard

26 October 2007
Rugged LCD touch screens for embedded applications
T S monitors

01 October 2007
Ultra-small fanless PC for less demanding applications

24 August 2007
Fanless PanelPC for embedded applications
Fanless PanelPC

12 July 2007
Inexpensive 8.4 inch open frame touch screen monitor with integral VGA interface
OFP-084 monitor

14 June 2007
World's first Intel Quad Core Mini-ITX motherboard
Mini-ITX LV-676

24 May 2007
Mini-ITX motherboard with AMD S1 processor socket
Mini ITX

18 April 2007
Long-life ATX motherboards support Core 2 Duo processors
ATX motherboards

29 June 2001
Hot swap CompactPCI portable/desktop enclosure
cPC1000 enclosure

8 June 2001
PMC digital I/O modules
PMC digital I/O modules

08 February 2001
"Ready-to-Run" CompactPCI platform for embedded system development
cPC1000 development system

04 January 2001
Updated PMC firewire controller module with unique debug LED indicators
PMC Firewire updated

27 September 2000
CompactPCI SBC with embedded Windows NT
cPC200 with embedded Windows NT

5 September 2000
SBC can be Hot Swapped from active systems
Win2000 Hot Swap

4 July 2000
BVME3100 high performance VME comms controller supports Ethernet & ISDN

21 June 2000
Hot Swap PMC carrier
Hot Swap PMC module